Our Mission

To educate you not only how to lose weight but how to permanently transform your current lifestyle into a healthy one. Our methods will aid you in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight while ensuring you do not experience the “Rollercoaster Effect” often experienced during many other weight loss programs.

Our Philosophy

Weight loss can be achieved through proper goal setting, education in exercise and nutrition (no diets, just eating healthy REAL FOOD), support, and mental preparation. Your transformation will not happen overnight, but a continual process as you progress through the stages of change, starting with the contemplation stage, weighing out the costs and benefits, advancing to the preparation stage, initiate observable efforts to change, moving on to the action stage, in process of changing behaviors, and concluding with the maintenance stage--successful, sustained lifestyle transformation.

Physically FITch, LLC facilitates activities, programs and educational materials that support individuals in achieving the goal of wellness through proper nutrition and exercise. To meet this goal, Physically FITch will:

- Initiate and support quality programs designed to advance nutritional education, physical wellness, and preventive health care needs.
- Maintain a safe, secure environment which will encourage and empower participants to maximize their progress. 
- Provide an interdisciplinary approach to achieve health and wellness goals. 
- Encourage diversified recreation, education and therapeutic activities.
- Offer quality services to continually improve client satisfaction well being.
- Recognize and protect the dignity and rights of individuals.