"I started working out on my own but it just wasn’t getting the job done. I decided I had to do something else. I joined Eric’s boot camp. He helped me gain control over my eating habits. He showed me the things I was missing. When I didn’t think I could do it Eric encouraged me that I could. With the right eating habits and the exercise he showed me, I was able to reach my goal and continue to this day to maintain it. When I came to Eric I was 183lbs and now I am 160lbs and still changing. Thank You so much Eric!"

"My first goal was to improve my energy level. My next goal was to be able to hold a plank for 30 seconds and to walk in a 5K.  I blasted past all my goals months ago! Jen immediately helped me learn how to eat better and plan my meals throughout the week. I workout with her once a week and workout on my own the rest of the week. Jen holds me accountable through, and offers me productive and constructive feedback to keep getting better. She is always making suggesting for other types of foods that I might enjoy. Sometimes she even encourages me to have a "cheat" day when I've been especially good! Jen has even helped me plan out food and exercise for vacations to help me stay on track. My journal with her isn't focused on weight or measurements, but rather how I feel. I have stopped caring about my actual weight because I know I'm on the right path to be healthier and more energetic."
"At 66 years of age, I was weak, out of shape and gaining weight. Since I heard good comments of Eric Fitch's training, I bit the bullet and joined his bootcamp. One of the smarter moves I have ever made. Now, after losing 10 lbs, I feel stronger than ever since my muscle tone has improved so much. Eric is a great leader and keeps us all interested with such a variety of exercises. THANKS ERIC!"

"I have been attending Boot Camp classes for the past 2 months, have lost 10 pounds and feel like a new person. It is the first time that I have done core exercises and that has made a huge change. I have a knee that bothers me and Jen has alternate exercises for me as well as for others who may have other issues, as well. I am 62 year old man and feel 10 years younger. Men could really benefit from the focus on core strength."
"In October 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy. In preparation for my breast reconstruction surgery, my doctor ordered me to lose 20-40 lbs within the next five months. This is when I solicited the help of Eric Fitch. Eric immediately went to work and taught me the meaning of a healthier lifestyle. He set up and monitored a personalized exercise program for me and took a trip with me to the grocery store to teach me how to properly read food labels, i.e., the do's/don'ts, the rights/wrongs and how to properly select (healthier) foods according to their food labels and ingredients. It all sounded so overwhelming in the beginning, but in approximately three hours from the time I made that first phone call to Eric for help, I was ready to begin my journey towards a healthier lifestyle in preparation for my surgery. I'm happy to announce that on the day of my surgery (March 23, 2009), I was 30 lbs. lighter and my pre-op blood test results were the most healthiest ever. In summary, if for whatever reason you need or want to make a healthy lifestyle change, Eric is the one you want by your side. He takes it personal. He does it because he believes in it and he practices what he preaches and teaches!"

"I have been going to Boot Camp classes ever since Eric Fitch started holding them at the park in Millington, approximately 3 years ago. I followed him to Aqua Fit and then continued in his quest both in the heart of Chestertown and now at his new location across the bridge, in Kingstown.   Physically Fitch work out sessions (now with Jen Koch) have been one the most beneficial routines in my life.   I have maintained my weight and most importantly have gained muscle and stamina. I can't say enough wonderful things about Eric and Jen.  They have brought about a much needed awareness of health and nutrition in Kent County and emanate their passion for wellness each and every day!"
"After two years of making poor eating choices and getting lazy, I decided to "get control of myself" in March 2010. After my weight loss stalled with a commercial weight loss program, I began working out with Eric as a group fitness instructor. I quickly realized that he not only gave a challenging workout, which enabled each person in our group to progress at different levels, but he had extraordinary knowledge to share regarding nutrition and eating. I was working with a nutritionist on specific goals, but Eric offered even more tips and insights that truly propelled me forward in my fitness goals. I was really interested in moving processed food out of my diet and eating to fuel my body. Eric recommended excellent books, gave constant tips on how to read nutrition information, and shared "clean eating" tips that made transitioning to a clean eating plan easy. I lost weight at a steady 1-2 pound per week rate (I had less than 20 to go so that rate is actually desirable at that point). I was also really impressed with Eric's ability to facilitate a group fitness program that had a wide range of participants, who were at different fitness levels and different places on our fitness journey. He meets everyone at their level and is willing to work with you as hard as you are willing to work. In Eric, you will find a qualified trainer who lives the model of a healthy life--he can not only help you add exercise, but modify your diet to fuel those workouts and produce excellent weight loss and fitness results. I highly recommend Eric Fitch to help guide your exercise and nutrition program, and more importantly, to transition to a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life!"
"When I started at Physically FITch last year my goal was to just lose weight; however, over the course of the past year, my goal has become more focused.  After spending time with Jen, I have realized that a completely healthy lifestyle is what my goal should be.  Jen has shown me that in order to become physically fit, I need to eat clean, exercise, and live positively.  When I started to plateau with my results, I asked Jen for advice and she told me about the Advocare diet.  Because I knew that this product was supported by my fitness instructor, I decided to give it a try.  Since incorporating the Advocare diet into my overall fitness program, I have lost 12 pounds and 15 ½ inches in a little over 30 days.  Jen has followed me each step of the way reviewing my food journals and giving feedback when I need to adjust my food intake.  She has also given me positive feedback throughout the process.  Jen encourages me to give it my all during the weekly workouts and offers helpful advice for my workouts at home.  Physically FITch has helped me to have a positive body image and has helped to make physical fitness a part of my life not just a few days of the week, but everyday of the week.  I have a whole new perspective on life and I am looking forward to what the future holds.  Thank you!"

"When I wanted to lose weight through changing my diet I was a little lost because I didn't have the nutritional knowledge to shop for the right kinds of foods. I don't diet and know that I wouldn't be able to totally change what I ate or I wouldn't stick with it, so I turned to Eric for some guidance. He took me through the grocery store and watched as I picked out what I normally buy. He then showed me alternatives to what I was buying and taught me what to look for on the nutritional labels. Because he showed me ways to make small adjustments and find alternatives to what I was already eating I have been able to change some of my eating habits and they have stuck! Eric is so passionate about what he does and has so much knowledge on health, exercise and nutrition. He is a great resource and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health, both nutritionally and physically."
"Eric, you have helped me take my life to a totally new place. In the past 3 months alone I have transformed my eating habits which I believe, in part, has led to the relief of my migraines, my body feels more functional while I ride my horse, and my blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate are commended by my doctor. When I first saw you during aqua aerobics, I have to admit, thought it was a joke. Working out in the water... really?!? But, you had a great attitude and that is what I needed to push through it at 645 in the morning. After day two I was totally sore... and impressed. However, the pool thing was just not my cup of tea. Time passed. I quit smoking. I needed more from myself. I used to be a huge gym nut in high school. You returned that passion in me. Your personal training has whipped me into shape, I can run again, and I feel in control of my body. Although a nice benifit is shedding pounds, I'm in this for more. And that is exactly what you provide. You give more to me in that hour... I get to yell, complain, and whine, and you push me through it. Most don't get to have that 'more' experience. For that I am so thankful. You are one of the most important people in my life. I don't want to get all mushy, but sometimes words just aren't enough and as I sit here typing this it is hard to not get a bit choked up. So, with that said, thank you for giving me 110% every time... it makes me want to give all I have to give too. You are the best!! Yay for life!"
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