Circuit Training
w/ Eric

Circuit Training
w/ Eric

Group Fitness Schedule - Updated January 1, 2018

Circuit Training (Low Impact)
This beginner/intermediate-level class is great if you have been participating in an exercise program, are looking to get back into optimal condition after an exercise hiatus, or are looking for new ways to increase your fitness condition without impact. This class will combine resistance training and aerobic conditioning, specifically designed to help you lose weight, increase lean body mass (and therefore increase metabolism), tone up, and feel great. Each class will be slightly different so your body will never be prepared (muscle confusion). Guaranteed results!

Group Fitness Policy

Effective January 1, 2016: Online reservations through our MINDBODY software are now required for all group fitness classes. In order to ensure quality class offerings, class sizes are limited to 10 participants with a waitlist of 3 unless otherwise noted. If you do not make your reservation online, you are not guaranteed participation in the class as online registrants will have first priority. Physically FITch is not responsible for missed group fitness classes in the event that reservations were not made in a timely manner.

Please note that with our increasingly busy personal training schedules, Eric and Jen will no longer be updating class reservations or cancellations for clients as we do not have access to emails, text messages, or phone calls during our scheduled personal training sessions and group fitness classes. Please be sure to bookmark the web address to our software site ( or download the MINDBODY App to schedule and manage your group fitness reservations from any device.

If you are unsure of your client login OR have difficulty with the software, please email Jen.

Inclement Weather Policy

Physically FITch will follow Kent County Public Schools. In the event of inclement weather, please be sure to check your email or Facebook for the status of our group fitness schedule. Please note the following:
- Morning Delay: All group fitness classes will run as scheduled.
- Closure or Early Dismissal: Physically FITch will announce by noon whether affected group fitness classes will run as scheduled. In the event that a group fitness class is cancelled, it is the client's responsibility to reschedule their replacement class online. 

Physically FITch is not responsible for any group fitness classes missed due to personal preference.
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