To educate you not only how to lose weight but how to permanently transform your current lifestyle into a healthy one. Our methods will aid you in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and ensure that you do not experience the “Rollercoaster Effect” often experienced during many other weight loss programs.

Weight loss can be achieved through proper goal setting, education on exercise and nutrition (no diets, just eating healthy REAL FOOD), support, and mental preparation. Your transformation will not happen overnight, but a continual process as you progress through the stages of change, starting with the contemplation stage, weighing out the costs and benefits, advancing to the preparation stage, initiate observable efforts to change, moving on to the action stage, in process of changing behaviors, and concluding with the maintenance stage--successful, sustained lifestyle transformation.
Physically FITch, LLC facilitates activities, programs and educational materials that support individuals in achieving the goal of wellness through proper nutrition and exercise. To meet this goal, Physically FITch will:
- Initiate and support quality programs designed to advance nutritional education, physical wellness, and preventive health care needs.
- Maintain a safe, secure environment which will encourage and empower participants to maximize their progress. 
- Provide an interdisciplinary approach to achieve health and wellness goals. 
- Encourage diversified recreation, education and therapeutic activities.
- Offer quality services to continually improve client satisfaction well being.
- Recognize and protect the dignity and rights of individuals.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist & Weight Management Consultant
Eric was born and raised in Kent County, Maryland. Ever since Eric could walk he was enrolled in sports. Eric graduated from Kent County High School where he was MVP of both the lacrosse and soccer teams. Upon graduation Eric enrolled at Ursinus College to play lacrosse and major in exercise science. After only one semester on the lacrosse team Eric was selected to be captain of the weight lifting program. However, during his second season Eric injured his elbow and required surgery. Eric decided to transfer to Towson to acquire a well known surgeon in the Baltimore area ensuring he would be able to exercise again. Not being able to exercise was difficult for Eric; he gained weight from poor eating and lack of exercise and was in the worst shape of his life. After the surgery Eric decided to take control of his life, mentally and physically, and acquired a strong interest in weight loss. Through proper eating and moderate exercise Eric was able to gradually lose and keep the weight off. Eric switched majors and graduated from Towson University with a B.S. in Physical Education. 

Within two months of graduation Eric acquired a job working for a physical therapy center. While the work was very rewarding, Eric aspired to be more preventative by helping people before they needed medical care. Many patients’ injuries Eric encountered could have been prevented with a proper exercise and nutritional plan. Eric's true inspiration had been found. He changed careers from physical therapy to personal training and was quickly promoted to personal training manager at a local gym. While working at the gym, Eric helped many people achieve their fitness goals. Eric found working with older adults to be very rewarding and decided to expand his services to a continuing care retirement community. This occupation proved to be both rewarding and an excellent learning experience. Eric was able to touch the lives of many individuals through the five classes he taught, one-on-one guidance, and wellness speeches. After two years with Heron Point, Eric became the head trainer for Aqua Fit where he taught weight loss programs, conducted personal training and group fitness classes for all age groups. 

After one year with Aqua Fit, Eric decided to continue moving forward by opening his own personal training and group fitness studio--Physically FITch, LLC--and the rest is history!
    AAAI-ISMA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Consultant, Weight Management Consultant; HSA Nutritional Therapist

    Jen was raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where she grew up horseback riding and being active. She graduated from Queen Anne's County High School in 2003 where she played volleyball, lacrosse, and tennis, and Washington College  in 2007. 

    Jen has always had a passion for cooking and baking. She believes that food is fuel, but it should also taste great because, otherwise, the effort is wasted. 

    Specializing in meal prep ideas and finding healthy alternatives to classic comfort-foods, Jen experiments with real-food recipes such as Cauliflower Tots, Protein Waffles, Chocolate Chip-Bacon Cookies, and Protein Ice Cream. She loves reinventing recipes using Zoodles and she has perfected a recipe for Meatza, which has been called "a game changer" and "life-altering" by everyone with whom it has been shared.

    AAAI-ISMA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

    Susan grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland in Silver Spring and then Brookeville. She spent most weekends on her family's boat on Kent Island or at a bayside cottage in Royal Oak. A graduate of Sherwood High School and University of Maryland at College Park, Susan earned a B.S. from the College of Health and Human Performance in Kinesiology. She has worked in gyms and health clubs in Montgomery County, Maryland and Harrisburg, PA.

    Susan is certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer through the American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association. She enjoys boating, fitness classes, rock wall climbing, water and snow sports, cooking with superfoods, sewing, and being on the go with her two teen boys.
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